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[WEBINAR #77] Lingerie & Lifestyle Trends for Fall Winter 22/23
Patricia Maeda (Fashion Snoops)


[WEBINAR #76] Curve Pitch Off – a “Shark Tank” like Competition
Judges: Asi Efros (Ann Vogue), Danny Koch (Town Shop), Kristen Classi-Zummo (The NPD Group), Patricia Maeda (Fashion Snoops)
Brands: Carol Coelha, Effleure, La Muel, Ms A London, Nuudii, Red Daisy


[WEBINAR #75] Intimate Chat with Retailers – Creating New Business Post Pandemic
Ellen Lewis (Lingerie Briefs), Carynn Milne (Dark Garden), Kelly Saintus (The Fitting Curve), Mary Jordan (Bra-la-la), Nicole White (Bloomers)


[WEBINAR #74] Boobs, Bras and Building Your Business using Social Media
Frederika Zappe & Christina Genco (Eveden), Courtney Killpack (Bra Fittings By Court), Cynthia Decker & Molly Hopkins (Livi Rae Lingerie)


[WEBINAR #73] Mother’s Day Gift Guide
Kimmay Caldwell (Hurray Media)


[WEBINAR #72] Connect with the Customer through Relatable Content
Miryha Fantegrossi (Wacaol America)


[WEBINAR #71] How to engage the 20 year old Customer – A Roundtable discussion on capturing the GEN Z consumer
Amy Pearson (Stole My Heart), Guido Campello (Cosabella), Todd Mick (The NPD Group), Wencillia Querbel (Comics Girls Need Bras)


[WEBINAR #70] Minimizing the Environmental Footprint by Recycling, Upcycling, and Reusing
Asi Efros (Ann Vogue), Elaine Birks-Mitchell (The Bra Recyclers), Stephanie Benedetto (Queen of Raw)


[WEBINAR #69] What to buy for Fall / Winter 2021 – Trend Guide by Fashion Snoops
Patricia Maeda (Fashion Snoops)


[WEBINAR #68] Sustainability and Fashion: How to Implement Sustainable Practices for Brands and Retailers
Amy Hall (Eileen Fisher), Julie Verdugo (Free People), Andrea Kennedy (LIM College)


[WEBINAR #67] Traceable Fibers & Sustainability in Fashion
Camille Block (Underfashion Club), Cheryl Zubowski (Repreve), Erica Redd (Lenzing Fibers), Gonzalo Pertile (Madewell)


[WEBINAR #66] Kickstart Your Marketing With Low Commitment Content
Karen Cooper (Digital Content Strategist)


[WEBINAR #65] Diversify your Business and expand your Customer Base in times of COVID-19 by adding Post-Mastectomy Products
Colleen Ruby (Anita)


[WEBINAR #64] How Technological Innovation Revolutionizes the Intimate Apparel Industry
Darren Glenister (Material Exchange), Katerina Skarabelova (OFFORM3D), Yael Chojnowski (Nettelo)


[WEBINAR #63] An Intimate Chat with Retailers – The new mindset of 2021 consumer
Ellen Lewis (Lingerie Briefs), Uplift Intimate Apparel, Top Drawer Lingerie, Bellefleur Lingerie, Livi Rae Lingerie, Best Rack Around, Rumeur Lingerie


[WEBINAR #62] Ask Freddy & Suzanne Anything – How to lift your boobs & spirits!
Frederika Zappe (Eveden), Suzanne Pentland (Wacoal Europe)


[WEBINAR #61] What to Expect: Spring/Summer 2022 Future Forecast
Melody Linscott (ITL Intelligent Label)


[WEBINAR #60] RENDEZ-VOUS: a short film + a roundtable with the North America managers of the 10 featured French lingerie brands
Alain De Rodellec (Promincor),  Arnold Perizonius (Louisa Bracq), Josie-Anne Le Diouron (Empreinte), Pascale Renaux (Creative Director & Stylist), Sandra Jones (Lise Charmel), Xavier Martin (Aubade Paris)


[WEBINAR #59] Improving your Profits all year long – Simple Solutions for Enhancing your Retail Business Operations
Lynn Switanowski (CBCG)


[WEBINAR #58] Where Comfy meets Cozy: Intimates Market Trends and 2021 Outlook – by the NPD Group
Todd Mick & Kristen Classi-Zummo (The NPD Group)


[WEBINAR #57] Valentine’s Gift Guide by Curve
Kimmay Caldwell (Hurray Media), featuring Anita, Avery Rose, Birds of Paradise, Cosabella, Effleure, Eucalan, Jacaranda Living, Leonisa, Mapale, Montelle, Rya Collection, Natori, NK IMODE, The Little Bra Company


[WEBINAR #56] Keeping in Touch in a Touch free World with Eveden
Freddy Zappe (Eveden), Lee Padgett (Busted Bra Shop), Sam Conover (Broad Lingerie), Rosa Harris (Vys Closet)


[WEBINAR #55] New Year / New Start – Achieving your goals in 2021
Sydney Davis (LETS RISE)


[WEBINAR #54] Moving Toward a Better Understanding of Sustainability for Your Business and Customers
Deborah Christel (Kade Vos), Kathleen Kirkwook (B.R.A. Bra Recycling Agency), Mark Messura (Cotton Incorporated) & Rob Synder (Filed to Market)


[WEBINAR #53] Intimate chat with Retailers – Continuing the Conversation – Part 5
Ellen Lewis (Lingerie Briefs), The Dain Shoppe, Dentelle Fine Lingerie, Lions Lair, Le Bustiere Lingerie, Yve’s Lingerie


[WEBINAR #52] Curve Pitch Off 

Curve Pitch Off is a “Shark Tank” like competition where new designers will present an elevator speech and showcase samples to a panel of experts. Curve’s curated team of judges will critique the presentations & give their feedback. Both judges & the attending audience will then vote on their Favorite New Designer. Don’t miss out on Curve’s most anticipated event.


[WEBINAR #51] Bra Talks: Next Bra & How to Solve the Size Dilemma
Jos Berry (Concepts Paris), Angie Lau (Clover Group), Cathy Decine (Soma Intimates), Lyne Deshaies Glanzmann (Lululemon), Simona Arrighetti (Creative Designer)


[WEBINAR #50] Maximizing Your Digital Presence [PART 2] Expanding Customer Reach with Social Media
Kristine M. Eckart (Easton International)


[WEBINAR #49] Maximizing Your Digital Presence [PART 1] Creating an Online Experience to Boost Sales
Kristine M. Eckart (Easton International)


[WEBINAR #48] The Intimate Talks with Asi Efros & AnaOno
Asi Efros (ANN VOGUE), Dana Donofree (AnaOno)


[WEBINAR #47] Getting Under Her Skin – A Discussion on the Fit Dilemma
Jos Berry (Concepts Paris), Miryha Fantegrossi (Wacoal America), Hiroyuki Suzuki (ASAHI MAQAM), Hidemitsu Muranaka (ASAHI MAQAM), Misato Nakatani (Asahi Kasei Advance)


[WEBINAR #46] Fashion Snoops Review: What’s in for Spring 2021
Patricia Maeda (Fashion Snoops)


[WEBINAR #45] How an European Lingerie Brand can Penetrate the US Market?
Raphael Camp (Curve), Sarah Carter (SF Showroom)


[WEBINAR #44] Kimmay Presents: Return to Sexy!
Kimmay Caldwell (Hurray Media)


[WEBINAR #43] Escapism in Lingerie: The Return of Sexiness
Murphy Connolly (Curve), Susanne Alvarado (Sugar Cookies), Linda Sagman (Easton International), Igor Pacemski (Noblesse Oblige)


[WEBINAR #42] Anita Care Education: A Lingerie Fitters Guide to Addressing Breast Surgeries
Colleen Ruby (Anita)


[WEBINAR #41] The Unlimited Potential of the Invisible Generation 50+
Asi Efros (ANN VOGUE), Jos Berry (Concepts Paris), Laura Minquini (Mykigai), Maina Cisse (The UnderArgument), Todd Mick, (The NPD Group), Suzy Wakefield (Lingerie & Apparel Design Consultant)


[WEBINAR #40] Montreal: Fashion Capital of Canada – From International Fashion Design to Innovative Technology at your Door
Mathieu St-Arnaud (mmode), Gary Majdell (Gary Majdell Sports & Gary Majdell Group), Joëlle Paquette (Very Joelle), Naomie Caron (Selfish Swimwear), Laurence Lafond (J3L Lingerie)


[WEBINAR #39] New Beginnings – The Virtual Trend Forum A/W 21-22
Jos Berry (Concepts Paris)


[WEBINAR #38] The Intimates Talks with Asi Efros & Demery Jayne International
Asi Efros (ANN VOGUE), Stacy Ashley Christensen (Demery Jayne International)


[WEBINAR #37] New beginnings: Rethinking Intimates
Josie Natori (Natori), Jos Berry (Concepts Paris), Rebecca Moses (Designer)


[WEBINAR #36] Keep Your Customers: Three Simple Steps to Unlock Long Term Loyalty
Ali Cudby (Your Iconic Brand), Louise Schultz (Consultant)


[WEBINAR #35] The Intimate Talks with Asi Efros & NK IMODE
Asi Efros (ANN VOGUE), Diana Alvarez (NK IMODE)


[WEBINAR #34] The OOSHOT Instagram Workshop
Thierry Maillet (OOSHOT), Georges Najjar (MENA)


[WEBINAR #33] Secrets of Intimates Spring 2020 Rebound
Kristen Classi-Zummo & Todd Mick (The NPD Group)


[WEBINAR #32] The NPD & Curve Excellence Awards 2020
Todd Mick (The NPD Group), Raphael Camp & Kirsten Griffin (Curve)


[WEBINAR #31] The B.R.A. Recycling Agency story by Founder Kathleen Kirkwood from N.A.S.D.A.Q.
Kathleen Kirkwood (B.R.A. Recycling Agency)


[WEBINAR #30] The Virtual Fit School: How to Survive and Thrive in this New Time, Presented by Elomi
Frederika Zappe, Jennifer Nadal, Suzanne Alvin & Thy So (Eveden)


[WEBINAR #29] Digital Marketing 101: Creative Storytelling Strategies & Tactics
Karen Cooper (Digital Content Strategist)


[WEBINAR #28] Are You Ready to Reinvent your Bra Fitting Business for 2020 – A Retail Workshop
Lynn Switanowski (Creative Business Consulting Group)


[WEBINAR #27] Sourcing & Sustainability: Redefining Value
Tricia Carey (Lenzing Fivers/Tencel), Pat Tabassi (Design Knit), Larissa Shirley King (Hanky Panky), Nora Shaughnessy (BN3TH), Barbara Ross (Sextet Fabrics)


[WEBINAR #26] Intimate Chat with Retailers – Continuing the Conversation – Part 4
Ellen Lewis (Lingerie Briefs), Jenette Bras, Linea Intima Lingerie, TLC Lingerie, A La Mode Lingerie, Town Shop, Forever Yours, Bra Genie, Sugar Cookies


[WEBINAR #25] From Culture to Retail: a Trend presentation by Fashion Snoops
Patricia Maeda (Fashion Snoops)


[WEBINAR #24] Wearing a Mask: Myths, Facts & why it’s Fashion’s Newest Accessory
Sonja Winther (Chantelle), Guido Campello (Cosabella), Jason Palmer (Petticoat Lane) and Amy Friedman (Trousseau)


[WEBINAR #23] Curve Connect Tutorial for Visitor
Andrea Lazaro & Kirsten Griffin (Curve) Skye Fletcher (Grip)


[WEBINAR #22] Curve Connect Tutorial for Exhibitor
Andrea Lazaro & Murphy Connolly (Curve), Skye Fletcher (Grip)


[WEBINAR #21] New beginnings: Rethinking Intimates
Josie Natori (Natori), Jos Berry (Concept Paris) and Rebecca Moses (Fashion Designer)


[WEBINAR #20] An Intimate Chat with Retailers – Part 3
Ellen Lewis (Lingerie Briefs), Aristelle, Hope Chest, Sylene, The Lingerie Shoppe, Sweetest Sin, Sol, Althea’s, Oh Baby Lingerie


[WEBINAR #19] The Interfiliere Talks : The Magic of Seduction
Jos Berry (Concepts Paris), Mine Özoğuz (Lila Lace), Julia Gonzalez & Fernanda Mena González (Entos Lingerie), Chantal Thomas, Amber Tolivier (Liberté), Nina de Wit (Nina V)


[WEBINAR #18] The Interfiliere Talks : Botanical Nostalgia
Jos Berry (Concepts Paris), Markus Hämmerle (Hämmerle & Vogel), Lisa Fässler Hofstette (Bischoff Group), Benjamin Potencier (Broderies Levaux), Jennifer Zuccarini (Fleur du Mal), Simone Leemann (Union Stickerei)


[WEBINAR #17] Sourcing & Sustainability: Redefining values
Tricia Carey (Lenzing Fibers), Pat Tabassi (Design Knit, Inc.), Larissa Shirley King (Hanky Panky, Ltd.), Nora Shaughnessy (BN3TH), Barbara Ross (Sextet Fabrics Inc.)


[WEBINAR #16] Discover 2 new ways of engaging your customers online : Virtual Fitting Experience with Cosabella and Zoom Shopping with Chantilly Lace
Guido Campello (Cosabella), Larisa Olson & Anne Kelly (Chantilly Lace)


[WEBINAR #15] Digital Marketing 101: Creative Storytelling Strategies and Tactics
Karen Cooper (Content Strategist)


[WEBINAR #14] Lingerie Shopping in the Era of Black Lives Matter:How to Update Your Brand or Boutique for the Time
Cora Harrington (The Lingerie Addict), Tina Wilson (The Underfashion Club), Wencillia Querbel (Comics Girls Need Bras), Amber Tolliver (Liberte), LaTimberly Johnson (Loulette Lingerie), Rosa Viola Harris (Vy’s Closet)


[WEBINAR #13] An Intimate Chat with Specialty Stores – Part 2
Ellen Lewis (Lingerie Briefs), Trousseau, The Pencil Test, Revelation in Fit, lia, Melmira Bra & Swim, Forty Winks, Bustin Out, Vy’s Closet


[WEBINAR #12] Sourcing and Manufacturing Shifts: a Conversation with Brand Leaders
Guido Campello (Cosabella), Georgia Larsen (Dora Larsen), Andrea Kennedy (LIM College), Marion Sentucq (Curve)


[WEBINAR #11] Keep Your Customers: Three Simple Steps to Unlock Long Term Loyalty
Ali Cudby (Your Iconic Brand), Louise Schultz


[WEBINAR #10] Looking Ahead at Key Design Shifts in the Intimates, Sleepwear, and Loungewear Markets
Lilly Berelovich, Patricia Maeda (Fashion Snoops)


[WEBINAR #9] Virtual Support: Simple Ways to Serve Lingerie Clients With Virtual and Digital Offers
Kimmay Caldwell (Hurray Media LLC)


[WEBINAR #8] Budget Blues? Strategies & Financial Planning Post Pandemic
Dorothy Crouch (California Apparel News), Gino Clark, David Cervantes, Kevin Maitland, Joe Sforza (White Oak Commercial Finance LLC)


[WEBINAR #7] An Intimate Chat with Specialty Stores
Ellen Lewis (Lingerie Briefs), Town Shop, Jenette Bras, Linea Intima, Forever Yours, Bra Genie, Sugar Cookies, A La Mode, TLC


[WEBINAR #6] Philanthropic Retailing: Help Yourself by Helping Others
Chantilly Lace, Lace & Day, Bliss Beneath, Cheeks, Necessary Secrets, Busted Bra Shop, Bra La La


[WEBINAR #5] What’s Next: Mindful Trends With Purpose
Jos Berry (Concepts Paris)


[WEBINAR #4] Lingerie Industry Reborn: A Path to a Sustainable Future
Asi Afros (ANN VOGUE)


[WEBINAR #3] e-Commerce: Sell Your Products on Social Media, an Introduction to the Tools Available
Bart Lewandowski (UX/UI designer specialized in brand strategy & user experience)


[WEBINAR #2] Seeking Comfort: Intimate Apparel in a COVID-19 World
Kristen Classi-Zummo & Todd Mick (The NPD Group)


[WEBINAR #1] Managing Your Bra Fitting/Lingerie Business when the Front Door is Locked: Tips, Tactics and Strategies for Managing in a Downturn
Lynn Switanowski (Creative Business Consulting Group)



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